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Map of the world

At least as far as families of reflection groups with nice combinatorics are concerned

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Ikea proofs

Overheard: He writes a lot of Ikea proofs — all the parts are there,but the reader has to assemble them, and sometimes there are a fewextra parts at the end.

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“Magical Mathematics” by Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham

This was a gift from my wonderful friend AHM, following the death of Graham last year. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but it’s also very weird. For example, chapters bounce around dramatically in tone and content (some are about … Continue reading

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“Mathematical education” by G. St. L. Carson

This is the other book I mentioned finding at the Book Barn.  It is a collection of eight lectures delivered by the author in 1912 and 1913, and a fascinating historical document.  Some features that I found particularly interesting follow. … Continue reading

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Trapezoids, and blogs

Atrios remarked on the (slow, in-progress) death of the open internet, as in blogs etc. And Jonathan’s offhand remark about his blog’s heyday is another anecdatum pointing in the same direction. Anyhow, that’s not what this post is about; it’s … Continue reading

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Medals per capita

So I made a joke to a friend about how, after Slovenia got their first medal, they were doing really well on a medals per capita basis.  And then, being me, I took this joke too far and actually started … Continue reading

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Finding the magic coins

I’ve been reading through Daniel Velleman and Stan Wagon’s puzzle book Bicycle or Unicycle? and generally enjoying it – the puzzles include simple variations on classics, clever things I haven’t seen before, and some nontrivial uses of real mathematical thinking … Continue reading

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American woman math PhDs of the 1940s

Apparently I’ve had this blog for a really long time: just over nine years ago, I wrote about Margaret A. M. Murray’s book “Women Becoming Mathematicians”. This post is just to note that the latest AMS Notices contains an article … Continue reading

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This tickled my fancy: For all the other parameters, has no real structure. [R. Corran, E.-K. Lee, S.-J. Lee, Braid groups of imprimitive complex reflection groups, J. Algebra, 2015] (No, it’s not floppy — it’s a complex reflection group. Here … Continue reading

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A coinage of a former student, that makes me happy.

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