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I wrote the post below in 2016, but for some reason I never published it; better late than never, I guess.  I referenced the Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book more recently, too. I received several pieces of pie-making  equipment/guidance … Continue reading

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Mac and cheese with broccoli

For a long time, D has been trying to convince me to make a version of mac and cheese with broccoli in it. I have objected because I am a mac and cheese traditionalist, but finally she prevailed upon me … Continue reading

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D & I went berry-picking, and brought home an infinite number of strawberries.  I think that Mark Bittman is right that strawberries are best just eaten raw with some kind of cream, but nevertheless when you have an infinite number … Continue reading

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“The Table Comes First” by Adam Gopnik

In the preface, Gopnik writes, “We shouldn’t intellectualize food,” and on that count I think the book is a failure; as a result, some chapters are something of a slog. But others are wonderful.  (They vary quite a lot in … Continue reading

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Bialy sightings

Update on a personal obsession: the Shop-Rite grocery store in Somerville, NJ bakes and sells bialys in-house.  (I did not get to try any.)

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“The Bialy Eaters” by Mimi Sheraton

This short, amusing book describes attempts by the author (a former NY Times food critic) to work out the history of the bialy.  Much of the book consists of light, pleasant tales of her meetings and interviews with expatriates from … Continue reading

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Bialys in Mebourne

In October, D and I visited Mebourne, Australia for a family wedding.  While downtown one morning, we wandered into Five and Dime Bagels.  I noticed that the menu had bialys, something I’ve not otherwise seen outside New York.  It turns out … Continue reading

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For FPSAC.  The part of the conference I attended was excellent, particularly an outstanding talk by Jennifer Morse on Macdonald polynomials.  Had dinner in a rotating restaurant which was fun (although I did find the rotation slightly nauseating).  Also walked … Continue reading

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Indian food etc.

We were lucky enough to have D’s mother visit us for two weeks in August.  Among other things, this resulted in a great deal of homemade Indian food being produced in our kitchen.  I took pictures of some (sadly not … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 26 photos.

Just returned from FPSAC Paris.  I only took a few pictures; they are below.  Here are a few things that were wonderful: The Musée d’Orsay, especially Van Gogh and Monet.  Also, the 3rd floor (which you can hardly tell exists; … Continue reading

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