“Modular Origami Polyhedra” by Lewis Simon, Bennett Arnstein, and Rona Gurkewitz

Haven’t had an origami post in a while!  This book was as Christmas gift.  It consists of an assortment of instructions for modular origami: about ten different versions of the Sonobe unit, a variety of cube-based units they call the “decoration box” module, and an assortment of others.  The Sonobe variations aren’t so interesting to me (they don’t change the geometry of the polyhedra you can make), but there are a number of other models that seem very interesting.  Here are my first few excursions:

6-color “decoration box” cube

This module is annoying because it (or its relatives) can be used to make other polyhedra than cubes, but you have to change the module (unlike in the case of Sonobe).  On the other hand, because it makes polyhedral skeleta, you can do other cool things:

Interlocking three-color “decoration box” cubes

Another model that seems to have more flexibility is the “gyroscope”:

“Gyroscope” octahedron

Gurkewitz has a webpage with some beautiful photos and more information.  (Unfortunately the photos of assembled constructions in the book itself are dark, grainy, and monochrome.)

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