As I mentioned, after Vancouver I went to a conference at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, England.  It was mathematically excellent, and I feel that BBC detective shows properly prepared me for my first visit to the UK.  Trees in England are more familiar to me than those on the west coast
Herstmonceux_beechalthough I do not see many 300+-year-old chestnuts in the US.


The conference location was an old castle (really, a manor house done up to look like a castle), something we also don’t have many of here.
Herstmonceux_castle Herstmonceux_castleorchardHerstmonceux_castlewindowsThe grounds were at one point in the 20th century owned by the Met Office, so there are lots of telescopes and a geodesy facility nearby.


Herstmonceux is not far from Hastings, and we took an outing to the location of the Battle of Hastings:


The castle had some sculptures, possibly by Hilary Manuhwa (but there were works displayed by several Zimbabwean artists, so I’m not certain it was his):


Herstmonceux is a very rural area; this was the only nearby commercial establishment. Herstmonceux_inn

Also, I learned lots of stuff about reflection groups of various types, and met some German mathematicians whose work I have been thinking about a lot recently.

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