Harris Machinery warehouse

One of the things I like about the Minneapolis landscape are the beautiful old industrial buildings.  Some (for example, in downtown) have been repurposed in various ways, but others are just slowly crumbling.  One of the latter is the Harris Machinery warehouse by the transitway in southeast Minneapolis.  It caught on fire over the weekend, which was visible from our window:

Fire at the Harris Machinery warehouse (30th Ave SE) viewed from 25th Ave SE

Flames visible at the Harris Machinery warehouse from a half-mile distance

Flames still visible against the smoke more than an hour after the fire started.

(Sorry about the terrible window glare in the third one.)  On Tuesday morning, there was still a fire truck keeping an eye on the smoldering:

A fire truck kept watch over the smoldering remains.

Partial side view of the Harris Machinery warehouse after the fire.

The roof was already caved in before the fire; the ice covering the building and nearby trees is what happens when firefighters spray a lot of water around in sub-zero temperatures.  I was not the only person out this morning who thought this would be an interesting photo to take:

There was some mention of the fire in the Strib and in the Daily; the Strib has some good photos.

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