4/15 for $15

I spoke at our local solidarity rally:

I’m here today because I believe all workers at the University of Minnesota deserve a fair shake —
whether they’re the maintenance or clerical workers who keep the U running every day,
or whether they’re our students, many of whom work at low-wage fast food jobs trying to pay their high tuition and stay out of debt,
or whether they’re the teachers and researchers like me whose work gives this university its academic strength —

all of us deserve fair treatment, decent working conditions, and a living wage.

For those of us who research, that means a reasonable path for career development and advancement;
for those of us who teach, it means job security, so that we can improve a course without worrying about being hired again next year;
for fast food workers, it means $15 and a union.

Seventy years ago, Albert Einstein wrote,
“[I]ntellectual workers should unite, not only in their own interest but also and no less importantly in the interest of society as a whole.”

That is no less true today.

That’s why UM Academics United are joining together to fight for a strong, democratic university.

And that’s why we stand here today in solidarity
with the students and employees of the University of Minnesota,
and with fast food workers in their fight for $15 and a union.

Thank you.

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