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If the next time I read something about Clayton Christensen is never then that will be too soon, but at least Jill Lepore’s takedown is characteristically excellent. In the short essay, she manages to pack in two points that I … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Queens Day

Evidently it has been long enough that the Times does not feel silly running an explainer on Brooklyn-Queens Day.  As it turns out, this is a rare moment when Wikipedia is not helpful: the article was only created after the … Continue reading

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At universities in the northern part of the United States, spring is the brief season in which the bicycle racks are full, following winter (when bicycle racks are covered in snow) and followed by summer (when the bicycle racks are … Continue reading

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More OA: ridiculous journal names

Since I’m on the topic, today I received a spam e-mail to submit to an OA journal.  The e-mail was relatively professional, at least compared to the last one I mentioned here, but the journal name, American International Journal of … Continue reading

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Open access: Beall is a loon

Well, this is disappointing: Jeffrey Beall, the librarian who maintains a valuable list of predatory open access publishers (and accompanying blog), is a total lunatic. From a paper he wrote last year (appearing, of course, in an OA journal): The … Continue reading

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