Indian food etc.

We were lucky enough to have D’s mother visit us for two weeks in August.  Among other things, this resulted in a great deal of homemade Indian food being produced in our kitchen.  I took pictures of some (sadly not all) of the things she and we made; here they are.  They include: tandoori-style chicken; blueberry crisp; poori (a fried bread); okra; chicken curry; panipuri (also known as gol guppa, and by other names); chicken curry; and dal makhni.  (The last, a black lentil and kidney bean dish, I’ve had in restaurants before; the homemade version is much better.)  I’ve also included pictures of a few things I got from our local farmer’s market (we did a lot of shopping there while D’s mom was here, but this picture comes from later) and of the St. Paul Saints game we watched.

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