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A trivial epiphany from this afternoon: the theoretical case for jaywalking is identical to the theoretical case for allowing right turns on red, namely, that it’s utterly silly to make people wait around for no reason. At least in New … Continue reading

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“The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach

This was a Christmas present from my mother.  (She’s an avid reader; I think she is frustrated sometimes with the tepid pace at which I work through novels.)  It was a fun read, and I’d readily recommend it to anyone; … Continue reading

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African-American Vernacular English

… also known as “ebonics.”  I’m old enough to remember when this was national news, but not old enough to have figured out at the time what it was really all about.  It’s helpful to have a linguist explain.  (The … Continue reading

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For my entire ride home, the man seated near the front of the bus ran a disposable razor methodically (if not compulsively) over the patchy stubble of hair on his head.

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