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Origami and math in the news

There was a nice little piece in the Times reviewing an exhibition on origami and fractals in LA — if I were a West Coaster, I’d definitely drop by.  As is, just posting to correct the recent deficit of origami-related material … Continue reading

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Harvard BS

Conversation today, with fellow Harvard alum HA: HA (slightly forlorn): So is it true what people say, that people at Harvard are jerks? Me (anticipatory): Are you really asking for my opinion on whether people at Harvard are jerks? HA: … Continue reading

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If one person had 100% of the income, would our tax system be more progressive?

A somewhat strange article in the Times by Annie Lowrey observes that the Tax Policy Center estimates that the average family in the top 1 percent will pay a federal tax rate of more than 36 percent this year, up … Continue reading

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