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Calculus wrap-up

Twice as many students showed converges by showing that for n sufficiently large (and so the series converges absolutely by comparison with a p-series for ) than by observing that the series in question is a geometric series. Many of my students … Continue reading

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“The Artist of Disappearance” by Anita Desai

I enjoyed this collection of three novellas quite a lot (it was the first adult literature I’ve read in quite a while, as finishing up in grad school and getting started in a post doc really absorbed so much of … Continue reading

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Too cold for ice fishing

D’s new lab has an annual ice fishing trip.  It was originally scheduled for this weekend, but is being rescheduled because it is going to be too cold.  I find every part of the preceding sentences to be hilarious. (To … Continue reading

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“The Phantom Toll Booth” by Norton Juster

For unclear reasons, I had been thinking on and off about this book recently and arranged to receive it in my Christmas stocking.  It was a pleasure to re-read, though of course it suffers from the sorts of problems that … Continue reading

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Three true tales of urban grit

 The Atlantic Avenue station has been completely redone; it is now beautiful and completely unrecognizable.  It is now possible to transfer from the R to the F at Jay St., and from the F to the 6 at Broadway-Lafayette. When … Continue reading

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