Mia Love

Jim Matheson is probably the best-possible congressperson from Utah, which doesn’t make him very good. His opponent is (of course) nuts. But, in the fairly likely situation that she wins, she will be the first black woman elected to congress as a Republican.

I also find strange connections between her life and mine: she was born at Kings County Medical Center, just a few blocks from where I grew up.  (At the time, her parents seem to have been in the country illegally after overstaying a visa; it seems like the Salt Lake Tribune may have pestered her about this, and she quite reasonably won’t answer more questions about it.) Also, she’ll replace my (new-to-me) representative Keith Ellison as the black congressperson representing the whitest state.  She’s kind of fascinating; too bad she’s crazy.

(Related question: which black congressperson currently represents the whitest district?  I assume Ellison is still in the running, since Minneapolis seems to be 70% or so white, but I’m not convinced that’s a lock.)

Edit: ok, at the moment it’s probably Florida 22 represented by Alan West.  But redistricting makes this question confusing to research; maybe after the election.

Further edit 11/7: and now it looks like both West and Love have lost; so maybe now it’s Scott in SC1?

Furtherer edit 1/4/2012: and now Scott has been appointed to the Senate, which means it probably is back to Ellison after all.

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