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In an article with the bizarre title As Miller Drops Out, Race for S.E.C. Chief Shifts, Ben Protess and Susanne Craig manage to employ the awful Wall St. versus Main St. cliché in a way that’s even worse than usual: … Continue reading

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Taxation schemes

Subtitle: how the political discourse confuses me. I read a bunch of center-left political bloggers (e.g., Josh Marshall, Kevin Drum when he doesn’t make me tear my hair out, etc.), and many of them seem to be taking seriously the … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and trees

I love articles in the Times about the urban environment.  Somehow they often feel relaxed and substantive.  This article by Lisa Foderaro is no exception. Throughout the city, the parks department has recorded 8,577 fallen street trees, as well as … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard

Ok, I admit — I’m so fascinated by Mia Love that I’m actually disappointed that she lost, even though her politics are dangerous and crazy.  (Maybe I’ll be lucky and she’ll primary one of the other Republican representatives for Utah, … Continue reading

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Exam statistics

After removing two outliers, the correlation between scores on exam 1 and 2 in the class I’m teaching was 0.24.  This seems surprisingly low to me; has anyone with more experience seen similar numbers before?  The correlation between p-set scores … Continue reading

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The perniciousness of political influence on state universities

The title of this post is admittedly a lot stronger than the contents. The Times reports on a piece of artwork (titled “Carbon Sink”) that was removed from the University of Wyoming campus ahead of schedule due to pressure from … Continue reading

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Mia Love

Jim Matheson is probably the best-possible congressperson from Utah, which doesn’t make him very good. His opponent is (of course) nuts. But, in the fairly likely situation that she wins, she will be the first black woman elected to congress … Continue reading

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