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Footnotes: Taylor and Bernoulli

G. F. Simmons, Calculus with Analytic Geometry, footnote, p.495: Brook Taylor (1685-1731) was secretary of the Royal Society and an enthusiastic supporter of Newton in his acrimonious controversy with Leibniz and the Bernoullis about the invention of calculus. Taylor published … Continue reading


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Generating series

Last Wednesday morning lecture, to calculus students, in two sentences: A series that looks like is called a Taylor series.  We are very interested in understanding these series and the functions they represent, so it is of the utmost importance … Continue reading

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7:30 AM I wake up; it is 40 degrees and rainy. 12:30 PM I go to get lunch; it is 33 degrees and snowing. 7:15 PM I get ready for dinner; it is 39 degrees and cloudy.

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MathGen and open publication

Nate Eldridge, a postdoc at Cornell, recently got a randomly generated mathematics paper accepted at an open access journal.  Obviously this is hilarious (I think his responses to the referee comments may be the best part), but I’m troubled by … Continue reading

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Twin Cities photos

This gallery contains 26 photos.

Some pictures of some of the places I’ve been since I moved here a month and a half ago.  Notably, I haven’t actually made it into downtown Minneapolis yet except en route to and from the airport.  (I did make … Continue reading

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