Education reform (especially in the South)

.This is a bit of a link-dump for things I’ve read recently on the education reform front.  Obviously the single biggest piece of education news right now is the teachers’ strike in Chicago, which inspired this from Freddie de Boer:

The reality is that you can’t be pro-education and anti-educator. Not just in the sense that you shouldn’t be, ethically, although I certainly believe that. I mean the notion that you can say that you care about education while working relentlessly to attack our actual teachers is nonsensical. … [If] you have a problem with teachers working in one of the most difficult teaching environments in the country making $75K a year, hey, alright. But save me the platitudes. … You are saying that you don’t really value what you say you value.

Some time ago, Freddie also wrote a very nice piece on choice and public goods as it comes to education.

To a certain extent further discussion of these issues (and especially those relating to Teach For America) has been mooted by this definitive  treatment (in point-counterpoint format).  Nevertheless, it’s worth seeing how things are progressing.  The South is the region where one should expect to see the worst of everything on display, and it doesn’t disappoint:

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