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Dialogue on Chicago, imported from Facebook

I think opposition to the “interests of educators *as a class*” in this instance stems from an objection to the way the class is defined and defended. It’s perfectly consistent to be pro-medicine while being radically opposed to union protection … Continue reading


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Things no one warned me about

Not part of job training, but should have been: now that I’m a doctor (no, the other kind), how am I supposed to sign my e-mails to students? My current approach has been to use both my first and last … Continue reading

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Polling tidbit: gay marriage in Minnesota

Some interesting details from a recent Star Tribune poll of Minnesotans on their upcoming vote on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage: [S]upport falls just short of the 50 percent needed to pass the measure.  Among likely voters, 49 … Continue reading

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Education reform (especially in the South)

.This is a bit of a link-dump for things I’ve read recently on the education reform front.  Obviously the single biggest piece of education news right now is the teachers’ strike in Chicago, which inspired this from Freddie de Boer: … Continue reading

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Anthropological observations

Observations from my first two weeks (not guaranteed scientifically sound): In Minnesota, it seems to be common to throw together a small bonfire when inviting people over for a party. Also, people (well, okay, mathematicians) here appear to spontaneously bring … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the reason for the season

Keep the Labor in Labor Day!

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