Aloo pyaaz tamatar toast

The title of this post is transliterated Hindi; Google translate offers also “आलू प्याज टमाटर टोस्ट” and “ālū pyāja ṭamāṭara ṭōsṭa” (indicating that the “z” is pronounced in the same way this American usually pronounces the letter “j”).  It means “potato onion tomato toast”, which is a pretty accurate description of the dish.

To make a large lunch for two, we use the following ingredients:

  • one medium potato, cooked in the microwave until soft
  • one small onion, chopped finely
  • one or two tomatoes, chopped
  • a fistful of fresh cilantro
  • turmeric, red pepper, salt, and channa masala (a spice blend) to taste
  • white grocery store bread
  • vegetable oil

D mixes everything except the bread together in a large mixing bowl.  She then puts a decent-sized blob of the mix between two pieces of bread, and we cook them in the following device:

Goes well with ketchup or any chutney of one’s choice (e.g.).

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