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Aloo pyaaz tamatar toast

The title of this post is transliterated Hindi; Google translate offers also “आलू प्याज टमाटर टोस्ट” and “ālū pyāja ṭamāṭara ṭōsṭa” (indicating that the “z” is pronounced in the same way this American usually pronounces the letter “j”).  It means … Continue reading

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The Sonobe unit and the mathematics of origami

This post lists everything I’ve written about the mathematics of origami. Origami and math Sonobe and “underlying geometry” Update on breaking the underlying geometry Sonobe puzzler 1: Name that shape! Sonobe puzzler 2: How many units? Sonobe puzzler 3: Mirror images? Coloring … Continue reading

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Origami gallery 2

This gallery contains 17 photos.

A varied assortment of Sonobe creations.

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Coloring Sonobe origami, part 2: symmetric coloring

This is a follow-up to Coloring Sonobe origami, part 1: proper coloring. Symmetric Coloring The most natural first polyhedra to make from the Sonobe unit are, like the octahedron, regular solids. As a result, they have lots of symmetries.  Thus, … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 6 photos.

Origami made from origami instructions: (The first two show a proper, symmetric 3-coloring of the octahedron with four units each of purple, teal and orange.)

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Raw zucchini salad

Or perhaps I should call it “zucchini ceviche”?  We used three medium zukes, two cloves of garlic, juice from one lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper; sliced the zucchini thinly, mixed everything together and stuck it in the fridge for … Continue reading

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