“Epitaph for a Peach” by David Mas Masumoto

I picked up Epitaph for a Peach for maybe $1 or $2 at a nearly empty Border’s just before it closed.  It details a year of life on Masumoto’s farm, an organic peach and grape orchard (before organic produce became widespread), but Masumoto also works in a good amount of personal and local agricultural history in a natural1 way.  This urbanite enjoyed the very different perspective on the food he eats.

While it was not the best book I’ve written about, Epitaph was mostly a pleasure to read.  Masumoto’s writing style has nice literary touches.  I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book, which deals mostly with peaches.  In the second half, there’s an extended section in which Masumoto waits with trepidation to see whether his grapes will dry into raisins or whether a storm will wipe out the crop.  Unfortunately, nothing happens in this section: we’re just waiting to find out whether the storm comes or not.

1: Har har har.

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