I ran into Marvin Minsky, his wife (?) and daughter (Margaret?) in the supermarket today as they were coming in and I was going out.  We had a very pleasant 5- or 10-minute conversation that began when my t-shirt caught Margaret’s eye, and touched on MIT, Sal Khan, fractals, and whether a grandson should take the freshman seminar being offered by Henry Cohn and Abhinav Kumar next year.  Half-way through the conversation, I realized that this was the second time that something like this had happened — two or three years ago, Margaret and her son (who was riding a unicycle at the time) and I had a very similar conversation that began when we were walking down the street and the t-shirt I was wearing caught Margaret’s eye!

(I said that I thought the Cohn-Kumar seminar sounded promising and that Sal Khan’s graduation talk was better than I had expected; Minsky reminisced briefly about Claude Shannon juggling on a unicycle; his grandson is learning to juggle torches while cycling.)

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  1. JBL says:

    Minsky’s wife (?) inquired what area of math I’m in, but didn’t make a connection with the term “combinatorics”. Minsky explained that it means that I like solving puzzles.

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