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This photo (via TPM) of the wildfires currently burning up Colorado Springs and environs is pretty amazing:

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Did they uphold healthcare reform?


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NYC Police scandals, latest version

Question: has the last year been unusually embarrassing for the NYC Police Department, or do they typically manage this many negative headlines in a 12-month period?  A short list, not intended to be complete: the pepper spraying of nonviolent protestors, … Continue reading


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“Epitaph for a Peach” by David Mas Masumoto

I picked up Epitaph for a Peach for maybe $1 or $2 at a nearly empty Border’s just before it closed.  It details a year of life on Masumoto’s farm, an organic peach and grape orchard (before organic produce became … Continue reading

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I ran into Marvin Minsky, his wife (?) and daughter (Margaret?) in the supermarket today as they were coming in and I was going out.  We had a very pleasant 5- or 10-minute conversation that began when my t-shirt caught … Continue reading

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