The stupidest forms of NIMBYism will probably always be with us, but at least sometimes they’re good for some humor value:

“At night you can take a bowling ball and it won’t hit anything,” said Bill Roskin, president of the freshly hatched neighborhood association.

I think the best graf in the entire piece is this one:

So residents, who insist they have no problem with elevators being installed, began pushing for alternatives. Surely the platform could be extended to East 70th Street, a more commercial corner, some said, or to East 67th Street. Or perhaps the existing entrances needn’t be shut during the construction period at all. They also noted that the Second Avenue subway, when opened, would ease the commuter burden on the Lexington Avenue line.

Has anyone ever been gutsy enough to make the argument, “You don’t need to do this — just wait until they open the 2nd Avenue line and there won’t be a problem!” before?

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