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I have very little background in philosophy (though I did once take a course on “moral reasoning” titled The Public and the Private in Politics, Morality, and Law), but I’ve been wondering a bit recently about utilitarianism and I thought … Continue reading


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It almost seems silly to write down a guacamole recipe.  Nevertheless, here’s ours.  It has a low ratio of avocado to everything else, so consequently has a salsa-y texture rather than a thick creamyness. Ingredients: 2 avocados 2 tomatoes 1 … Continue reading

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Apple tart

Back in early October, D went apple-picking and brought back a very large number of apples. So, naturally, we made pie. Well, okay, it didn’t have a top crust, so I guess properly this was a tart and not a … Continue reading

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“Women Becoming Mathematicians” by M. Murray and “Recountings” edited by J. Segel

I break new ground today with a double book review, of Women Becoming Mathematicians by Margaret A.M. Murray and Recountings: Conversations with MIT Mathematicians, edited by Joel Segel.

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Things you could not pay me enough to do

The list of things I am not willing to do in exchange for any sum of money includes: Watching a Republican 2012 presidential primary debate Reading an article by David Brooks titled “Workers of the World, Unite!” Further extensions of … Continue reading

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