Triple integrals? I love triple integrals! They’re just like double integrals, but 50% better!

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  1. JBL says:

    I was forced at one point to defend the idea that this constitutes a “joke.” My defense is as follows: the joke is a combination of the mundane and the absurd. The mundane aspects are that double integrals (a kind of integral in which the region of integration is two-dimensional) and triple integrals (ditto, but three-dimensional) are in fact very similar, and that 3 is 50% larger than 2. The absurd aspects are unusual description of the relationship between the number of dimensions in 2-D and 3-D, and the substitution of “better” for “larger”. The juxtaposition of these elements is intended to cause a jovial response, or at least a good groan.

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