• In a shocking development, it turns out that well-to-do suburban districts with good public schools don’t have any interest in the abstract value “choice.”
  • Banana Republic is opening locations in Panama and Colombia.  Best comment so far:

    They could sell T-shirts ironically celebrating the accomplishments of the United Fruit Company for Latin American hipsters.

  • Harvard class of 2007 kicks off the process for planning the class gift at the offices of the Baupost Group:

    Baupost was established in 1982 to serve as the investment adviser for four families, who were close friends with at least one of the others for many years. The original purpose of Baupost was to provide stewardship of their families’ assets for generations to come. During the early to mid 1980’s, additional families known to one or more of the original families were added as clients. Baupost currently manages assets ($1.7 billion) for approximately 40 families encompassing 700 individual accounts, through three investment partnerships and a mutual fund as well as three institutional managed accounts.

  • Obviously lots to be said about Occupy Together/The 99%, but I’ll just stick to the bland observation that I hope the movement continues to grow and gain strength and that it leads to some substantial changes in this country.
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