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Modified chi-squared for biased data?

This post comes from a real-life question of a scientist friend of mine, but I’ve abstracted out all the science-y stuff.  Rest assured that no cure for cancer or discovery of alien life is resting on the answer — rather, … Continue reading

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Happy Deepavali!

Today is Deepavali, or Diwali for short, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year. Wikipedia has an informative article about the holiday.

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“The Art of Asking Your Boss For a Raise” by Georges Perec

Georges Perec was an experimental writer and is now best known for his novel A Void, which does not use the letter “e.”  (Actually, to be precise, Perec wrote La Disparition; “A Void” is the English translation by Gilbert Adair.)  … Continue reading


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Aloo tikki with chutney

For lunch on Sunday, D and I made aloo tikki, i.e., Indian fried potato patties.

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In a shocking development, it turns out that well-to-do suburban districts with good public schools don’t have any interest in the abstract value “choice.” Banana Republic is opening locations in Panama and Colombia.  Best comment so far: They could sell … Continue reading

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D cut a peach for us to share, with not quite the intended effect. The pit was mild, slightly almondy and not particularly bitter.  Taken September 24, at lunch time.

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Pasta with sausage, pepper and chard

This is an easy and delicious dish that D and I first made as a solution to the problem, “Well, we have some chard; what should we do with it?” and now make as a solution to the problem, “What’s … Continue reading

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Unique identifiers

I am, in all likelyhood, the only person of who can be connected to the same Nobel Laureate both as a second cousin once removed and as the boyfriend of the Ph. D. student of a professor who carried out … Continue reading

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