Math Prize for Girls

Over the weekend I helped out at the Math Prize for Girls (which also has a blog), a relatively new math competition open only to female students of high school age (or younger).  In particular, I and my friend MG (who is amazing, and also helped out at some of my earlier events) ran one of the activities at the Games Night on Friday, teaching the construction of the Sonobe unit.  I was really impressed with the girls — largely without explicit direction, they constructed a wide variety of polyhedra, including a number of polyhedra with 18 or 24 units, in addition to many cubes, several octahedra, and at least one icosahedron.

At the Games Night, I also had the pleasure to meet Luyi Zhang, an MIT freshman who does a variety of cool geometric stuff.  She also has a great blog that documents many of her awesome constructions.

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