Bikes and trees

Eric Moskowitz writes in the Globe about how Hubway is doing so far:

In its first month, Boston’s European-style bicycle sharing-system pedaled past expectations, attracting riders more than twice as fast as similar programs in Denver and Minneapolis. As of Aug. 28, the one-month mark, the program known as Hubway had attracted 2,319 annual subscribers and witnessed 36,612 station-to-station trips.  … “It’s been wildly successful,’’ said Mary McLaughlin, Hubway’s general manager. She initially hoped to sell 2,000 memberships by Thanksgiving, shortly before the bicycles get taken in for winter.

The comparison with Denver and Minneapolis seems apt; Boston and Denver both have populations just above 600,000, and Minneapolis is smaller but the Twin Cities together house more than 650,000.  The Boston metro area is quite a lot larger than either Denver or Minneapolis, but of course Hubway only exists in the city so far.  (It sounds like expansion to Cambridge and Somerville is imminent, Brookline some time next year.)  So, that’s quite exciting; we’ll see if this good performance keeps up.

In other news, another linden sighting over Labor Day weekend:

(The second label says Vipavska dolina, the place of origin; in English, the Vipava Valley in Slovenia.)

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2 Responses to Bikes and trees

  1. David Lewis says:

    On the tree — the linden, or “lipa” in Slovene, is sort of the national tree of Slovenia. When the Slovenes became independent, they were initially going to name their national currency the “lipa,” which quite excited our Slovene friend, but they ultimately settled on calling it the more Germanic, and American, “tolar.”

  2. JBL says:

    Ha, that’s cool! Too bad they made the choice they did. (Of course, a moot point now.) The tolar was also one of a handful of currencies that featured a mathematician:

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