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“If you bring me the pot and the containers, I’ll aliquot out the portions for lunch tomorrow.” — D, helping prepare for the week.

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An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

For my calculus students: An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.  The first one orders a beer.  The second one orders half a beer.  The third one orders a quarter beer.  The bartender puts two beers on the … Continue reading

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Baingan bharta

One summer, D and I had a deal that every week, I would go to one of the farmers’ markets and get all-fresh ingredients, and D would make me a baingan bharta.  The main ingredient is roasted eggplant; if we … Continue reading

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Math Prize for Girls

Over the weekend I helped out at the Math Prize for Girls (which also has a blog), a relatively new math competition open only to female students of high school age (or younger).  In particular, I and my friend MG … Continue reading

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Bikes and trees

Eric Moskowitz writes in the Globe about how Hubway is doing so far: In its first month, Boston’s European-style bicycle sharing-system pedaled past expectations, attracting riders more than twice as fast as similar programs in Denver and Minneapolis. As of … Continue reading


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Fresh tomato sauce redux

D and I usually cook together — D does the chopping and prep work, I stand over the stove; D sets and cleans up the table, I do the dishes; etc.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I came home … Continue reading

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Did you hear the one about the efficient German?

Here‘s a moderately interesting article in the Times about German attempts to collect taxes from the (legal) prostitution industry: The city of Bonn has begun collecting taxes from prostitutes with an automated pay station similar to a parking meter, proving … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day!

Take a moment today to relax, to enjoy yourself, and to express some solidarity with those who brought you this excellent holiday. Some random labor links: Erik Loomis at the blog Lawyers, Guns and Money has been doing yeoman’s work … Continue reading

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