One more time for lindens

Not the tree you want to find shelter under in a hurricane:

Irene’s brutal wind toppled two century-old elm trees near Boston Common. It cracked a silver maple, the Arnold Arboretum’s tallest tree, planted in 1881.

But more than anything, the storm had a thing for Boston’s little-leaf lindens. The cone-shaped trees are heavy this time of year with pea-size nuts, and the leaves caught the wind like parachutes.

“It was mainly the linden trees that failed,’’ said Greg Mosman, the City of Boston’s arborist. “This is unique because it’s whole tree failure. In a snow storm, it’s mostly limbs.’’

On Laurie Avenue in West Roxbury, linden trees dropped like dominos. One uprooted the sidewalk and bowed over a fence. Another crashed onto Jim McLoughlin’s Ford Explorer. Yet another landed on his roof.

Irene’s lashing thins Hub’s canopy, in the Globe.  Silver maples, incidentally, are really beautiful trees; the article notes that the damaged one at the Arboretum is expected to survive.

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