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We got a whole bunch of basil on Thursday, so tonight we made pesto with pasta.  A quick glance around the internet and our cookbooks suggests that all pesto recipes are the same, but no two are actually identical.  Here … Continue reading

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Macaroni and cheese

I’ve written about the home cooking we do that comes from D’s family; time for some from my own.  Baked macaroni and cheese is probably my favorite dish of all time.  I follow fairly closely my father’s recipe, which is … Continue reading

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News without any content

This article in the Times is about several laws passed by the City Council of Gould, Arkansas, which prohibit the formation of any clubs or other organizations without Council permission, order a particular political club to disband, and forbid the … Continue reading


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Aloo mirch sabzi

Aloo mirch sabzi (literally, “potato pepper dish”; for whatever reason, the word that is transliterated “sabzi” seems to be pronounced more like “subji”) is another of the simple home-cooked Indian dishes that D and I make, following D’s mother.  Actually, … Continue reading

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RandomTableau in Mathematica is buggy; Sage works fine

This post is just a public service announcement: the function RandomTableau[p] in Mathematica is meant to give a random standard Young tableau of shape p.  Though the documentation isn’t actually so helpful as to tell you explicitly what probability distribution … Continue reading

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D tells me that I’ve been doing my food blogging wrong; in particular, I’m meant to have photos of everything.  I hope never to be the sort of person who feels it necessary to leave a restaurant in order to … Continue reading

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