Lindens again

First day back from a two-week vacation and the lindens are in full bloom, scenting my bike rides all day.





Actually, it seems that I missed a fair amount of the flowering season — many of the flowers are well on their way to becoming fruits.

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2 Responses to Lindens again

  1. alisa says:

    you might appreciate this. after I mentioned lindens in my own blog, a friend commented with the following:

    “When you look closely at them, lindens are one of the most expedient trees for humans. Parched linden’s flowers are used to make cold remedy. They grow fast and don’t require much care to sustain themselves. With its silver-back leaves, linden tree-tops provide cool shade. They look stately and can easily be shaped into any form, that’s why they adorn palaces of Versailles, Potsdam and Columbia campus. Linden fragrant flowers attract bees and bumblebees, none of the overly annoying or dangerous insects. Linden honey is clearly delicious. And no amount of my utilitarian praise to lindens will transcend a single whiff of linden’s blossom in that enchanted time of a year when spring turns into summer”.

  2. JBL says:

    Lovely, thanks for sharing!

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