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Articles about nothing

Based on its title, I expected the article Third-Party Groups Take Up Challenge of How Best to Improve Public Universities to be about ideas from groups outside academia to improve public universities.  The first sentence frames the discussion more specifically … Continue reading

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Lindens again

First day back from a two-week vacation and the lindens are in full bloom, scenting my bike rides all day.         Actually, it seems that I missed a fair amount of the flowering season — many of … Continue reading

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Garden update

A garden update, as requested: our cilantro grew magnificently but flowered early and was also plagued by aphids; it has now bit the dust.  The pepper is doing very well.  One of the tomatoes is doing okay and the other … Continue reading

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Education and education reform

I’ve been reading a bit of education news recently, some of it older articles that I’ve only stumbled across now.  Largely, it has to do with education reform stuff.  As has been the case since the debate surrounding NCLB began, … Continue reading

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Update on breaking the underlying geometry

Here’s a Sonobe creation that involves breaking the underlying geometry:

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