Origami gallery

Below the fold is a collection of some of my recent origami constructions.  They include

  • 3-colorings of all small Sonobe constructions: the “smushed cubes”: a triangle, tetrahedron, triangular bipyramid, and a complex of three tetrahedra,
  • Both complexes of four tetrahedra,
  • A complex of six tetrahedra,
  • a 5-colored pentagonal bipyramid,
  • a 6-colored “cross” (a stellated cube),
  • two icosahedra, one 5-colored and the other 6-colored,
  • and a 4-colored square antiprism augmented by square pyramids.

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2 Responses to Origami gallery

  1. Eva Szillery says:

    I have a question: Carousel 292 and 293 are the same two constructions from a different view.
    Am I right?

  2. JBL says:

    Yes, that’s right, the second view is from the direction that is to the left in the first view. Both constructions shown use 15 units (5 in each of 3 colors).

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