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Tilia spp.

Despite being trimmed yearly, the lindens hang low along the Memorial Drive bike path, and I duck around them as I go.  Along the street on which I live, they sprout heavily from the lower trunk and roots, in some … Continue reading

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Sonobe and “underlying geometry”

At one of my origami events I made a new friend, an art teacher at a Boston public school who’s interested in math and origami.  She invited me to visit her school and teach some origami to her students.  (I … Continue reading

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“The Lost Books of the Odyssey” by Zachary Mason

The fourth in a series of short, shallow book reviews.  I picked “The Lost Books” up while browsing, and I’m really glad I did.  It takes the form of 44 short pieces (most around 5 pages, a handful just a … Continue reading

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Origami gallery

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Below the fold is a collection of some of my recent origami constructions.  They include 3-colorings of all small Sonobe constructions: the “smushed cubes”: a triangle, tetrahedron, triangular bipyramid, and a complex of three tetrahedra, Both complexes of four tetrahedra, … Continue reading


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Origami and math

I’ve given a number of talks/run a number of events recently about origami and mathematics.  This is not directly related to my research at all, but it’s a pleasant hobby that produces some pretty results, both in terms of mathematics … Continue reading

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Things I just discovered

K. Beaton’s comic Hark! A Vagrant. Here’s one of my favorites: Two other awesome comics below the fold.

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Strogatz @ MIT

Two weeks ago, Steven Strogatz gave a series of three lectures as part of the Simons Lecture Series. (The pure math half of the series was given last week by Manjul Bhargava.) The first lecture focused on coupled oscillators as … Continue reading

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