Sloane House and the fall of Richmond

This month marks the 146th anniversary of the fall of Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, the end of the Civil War and the assassination of Lincoln.

Rich. Vict. April 3, A.D. MDCCCLV

This inscription is on the foundation of Sloane House, the current home of the Boston University president. The home was originally built by Amos Adams Lawrence, a New England trader and abolitionist. Lawrence seems to have been a fascinating fellow; short biographies are available from Wikipedia and the Massachusetts Historical Society. The exterior of the house is essentially unchanged, though the interior seems to have been completely redone by BU (and perhaps also by some of the intermediate owners).

While I was poking around looking for things to add to this post, I came across this excellent collection of photos of Richmond after the Union victory there. Much of the city was burned by the retreating Confederate army.

John Brown’s body lies a-mouldering in the grave
His truth is marching on.

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