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Things that are cool: gigantic crossword puzzles

A gigantic crossword puzzle in the shape of a portrait of Will Shortz: (Okay, to be perfectly honest, I think it looks as much like Einstein as like Shortz.  But not quite as much like Einstein as his likeness … Continue reading

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Choose a vertex at random

If you choose a vertex of a graph uniformly at random, 52% of the time it’s a “she”.

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“Picasso’s One-Liners”

Okay, this third short, shallow book review is a cheat: “Picasso’s One-Liners” doesn’t really require any reading.  Instead, it’s a collection of drawings by Picasso, each consisting of a single stroke of the pen (or pencil, or crayon, or whatever).  … Continue reading

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Just a regular Sunday afternoon

Four hours, two cab rides, eighty dollars, and three attempts to clean the dirt out from under my nails later, and D and I have a window-sill garden: That’s cilantro, tomatoes, hot banana peppers, and scallions.

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Happy Patriots’ Day!

Things I learned today: Patriots’ Day is not, in fact, designed solely to allow the Boston marathon to take place on a holiday.  Rather, it celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775).  Apparently, it’s a state holiday … Continue reading

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Women in math/math history

I recently went to a talk by Margaret Murray; she is the author of Women Becoming Mathematicians, a history of 36 of the 200 or so women who got Ph. D.s in mathematics in the United States in the years … Continue reading

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The Hindu holiday Navratri began on Monday. It’s tied to the changing of the seasons and focused on the female goddesses; D celebrates twice a year (though the poorly-written Wikipedia article suggests that some people may also observe it around … Continue reading

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